Monday, April 12, 2010

Haley Barbour Hasn't Time For Nit

I am an uncultured slug, which is why I had no idea that in the Great Dixie, the word "diddly" is actually a Gaellic-derived concept without an exact Northern translation that essentially means "large historical paradigm which profoundly affects and defines society as a whole." Like the systematic, institutionalized enslavement of an entire race of human beings! Kewl!

The chairman of the Republican Governors Association (NAACP) Mississippi Governor Haley Michael Steele Barbour stood up for states' rights and the ghost of Robert E. Lee's horse by defending the seemingly indefensible; Virginia Governor Bob Thesis McDonnell's omission of slavery in his recent Confederate History Month proclamation.

Via CNN:

Responding to allegations that McDonnell’s omission was insensitive, Barbour said, "To me, it's a sort of feeling that it's a nit. That it is not significant, that it's not a – it's trying to make a big deal out of something doesn't amount to diddly."

"I don’t know what you would say about slavery," Barbour told CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley, "but anybody who thinks that slavery is a bad thing – I think goes without saying."

Hear hear! No one needs to be reminded about things that clearly no one needs to be reminded of. Let's whitewash (pun!) history and talk about the good stuff, like Volkswagens and family reunions.  Anybody who would say the Rwandan genocide or Two And a Half Men are bad things that our kids need to be taught about lest they and their posterity commit the same sins as their fathers, well that person would be a damn fool because that's just obvious! It's not like we've ever repeated a mistake.

Step into the rain: