Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Actually, I Rather Like The Feeling

Who's the sick fucker who ruined unanimous consent here?  The "it" being Origins face cream in Macy's.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kings & Queens

I am close to officially desiring this new album (This Is War) from 30 Seconds to Mars, whose last album (A Beautiful Lie) was just okay. Jared Leto often falls flat lyrically, but this anthemic sing-along summit of sound and force is a high point of inspiration for him and his band. This song is both balanced and epic, with driven, steadily built verses (pay attention to drummer and Leto brother Shannon's thumping and hi-hatting on the first and second respectively and to the complementary string section on the second) that rise into a soaring, glorifying chorus. The video is an equally powerful visual component to this (very well-produced, compliments of Steve Lillywhite and Flood) communal hymn; I wish I'd gotten to join that cast of characters riding my bike from LA to Santa Monica. When the dreamy-eyed Leto (who demonstrates his incredible range in this track) declares "the age of man is over," the hairs on the back of your neck just might stand straight up, and 5:00 onwards is one long goosebump-inducing choral send off.  I used to spend hours in my basement trying to write a song like this one.  Unfortunately I didn't have a band or great ability, and the sounds remained in my head.  They sounded sort of like "Kings & Queens."

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Live to Fight Another Holiday

Although I'm an avowed Marxist-Leninist socialist member of the Politburo (D-MD), I'd like to take a moment to wish my Christian friends a most holy and blessed Christmas*, my non-Christian friends a very merry Giftmas, and my atheist friends a very warm December 25th. The forces of liberalism which have waged war on Christmas now and forever may have retreated on this cold and snowy day, but they shall return stronger and with a vengeance!

*Christmas (kris-mus) n.: A bunch of Christians celebrating the birth of a Jew by opening his presents and dressing trees in drag.

May God bless you all, thanks for reading (or pretending to), and have a very happy and prosperous new year <3

Now to continue a Rawlley family tradition...

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Q: How Is This Okay?

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
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The works: Glenn Beck terrifies his viewers, through a complex system of bells and whistles, into believing the world as we know will never be the same when we awake tomorr--okay if not tomorrow then really soon TRUST ME--in order to spur the simple citizen into ACTION annnnd alsosellsomegold. In addition to this, he openly touts on his television (and I would imagine radio) program the high value of gold due to the weaker standing of the dollar in a recession. He even boasts, as depicted above, of his own God-like ability to sway markets (a form of back-room, unseen, fascist tyranny). And just as you the viewer have been sufficiently pissed off and scared shitless about the Wiemar Republic-esque hyperinflation that will inevitably hit any day now, you patiently wait for the commercial break during the (((GB))) Program to place down your cheese curls and mini American flag and pick up the phone to ORDER GOLD NOW. But WAIT. On comes Glenn "What Happened to Decency and Ethics?" Beck, fresh off of his Goldline contract signing, on the teevee again OMG COME BACK IN THE ROOM urging you to buy g--YES GLENN I WAS JUST ABOUT TO DO THAT YOU'RE SO SMART.

For a man who has (comically) dedicated his life's work to revealing the men behind curtains, Beck (and Bill O'Reilly, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, Dennis Miller, Fred Thompson and G. Gordon Liddy) sure does seem like a faux wizard himself.

A: It's not. Pray on it.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

YOU People

Awww SHIT. Steelman bout to throw DOWN with this honkeyass cracka.

You know, this truly demonstrates the esteemed Chairman's sincere commitment to bipartisanship, as he is clearly adopting the Democratic platform piece of pulling the race card whenever humanly possible. That's like a Democrat thing, right?

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stress Free Zone

Live at the Fishbowl tonight, 7-10PM
21st & G Sts. NW

Dave Mitrani
Greg Magee
Daria-Ann Martineau
Steve Brady
Greg Shapiro
Lennon Wetovsky
Chelsea Hill
Nathan Donohue
Shelby Hartman
Imran Mahmud
Eshawn Rawlley

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

20% Off

This all started with me singing the first two lines of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

Hat tip Imran for the stealth capture on his new Crackberry.

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Hosted by Imran & Eshawn

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inbox (1): Subject: trying to find someone

J------ H----- to STAT 111-11

Hi everyone. This is kinda embarrassing but im trying
to find someone that's in the class. All I really kno
about him is that he has these incredible blue eyes.
If you get this message I just wanted to say hey and
let u kno that as much as I like starting [sic] at
those eyes from across the room I'd like it even
more if I got to kno more about u. Ur welcome to
sit with me in class this thursday, if not its no
big deal. Ciao.

<--Reply -->Forward

"Blue eyes, I just want to sing a song with you."

I hope she finds him.

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Washington > Mason

Photo provided by The George Washington University

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