Wednesday, August 4, 2010


And here it is folks, what the "conservative media" hath spawned:

Known Fox critic Carl "Morning Eyes" Cameron was naturally bemused with this elf-woman's assertion that his network ought to do a better job of promoting her own political aspirations, especially when the media has been soooo easy on Obama. Sure, conservatives are slapping their foreheads in disbelief at this crazy lady's rare moment of honesty, embarrassed that one of their own would so blatantly demand the same white gloves special treatment that they've accused liberals of securing through their vast, impenetrable cabal of media insiders, or whatever Glenn Beck is crying about today. But I for one will not allow Sharron Angle to be dismissed by anyone in her party as a mere amateur, despite all evidence that she clearly is an inept, in over her head naif. You bought it, you now own it.

You see, when Angle enjoyed an incredibly sizable lead over Politburo Vice-Premier Harry Reid a few months back, she was hailed as a citizen hero, leading the people's brigade against a despised symbol of corruption and unfreedom. Like with other mama grizzlies before her, Angle's "quirks," "isms," and "polishlessness" were unmistakable signs of realness and folksiness, something apparently very much lacking in the United States Senate despite Chuck Grassley. Now that it's clear this woman is crazier than ape excrement, the GOP and the NRSC are stuck with "a real American mom" (read: moron) who ever since Clinton got a hummer from that chubby girl has held Hannity viewing parties every week in her living room with the ladies from the God's Gals bridge club before deciding she'd make a fine State Assemblywoman and vote no on everything. Now she's running for the Senate to get the U.S. out of the UN and the gays out of each other and the party is pulling the collars off their necks with apprehension and the media is NOT being helpful, sheesh! Poor Sharron must have thought all this time that if she could only avoid the sabotaging liberal media, make it onto the No Spin Zone and nail all the softies, she'd finally be able to single-handedly eliminate Social Security, quit "spoiling" our citizens with Obama's jobless pimp money, and finally end our long national nightmare, or the Department of Education. What good is a right-wing news outlet if it won't do it's JOB?? Why won't Carl Cameron just ask Sharron Angle what her website is????

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Step into the rain:

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