Thursday, September 16, 2010

Look At That Camera Work. Oh And Try The Crumble Too!

RDs, I don't ask much of you, aside from the occasional foreign bank account wire (thank you Dmitri and Evgeny, bratʹya po oruzhiyu!). But today I ask a simple favor of you; watch this video featuring the lovely, the charming, the irreplaceable, the inimitable Marissa Bialecki aka Bon Appetit Foodie, then click on the video box to go to YouTube and "like" it. Forget about November; this is the only vote that you will make over the next few weeks that counts. I promise you riches beyond even the most exorbitant of Republican higher income bracket tax cuts.

I know things have been quiet here for a bit. Well, I suppose it can't always rain. But I'll be back at some point in the future when life is more enjoyable. Now GO VOTE! And come back tomorrow!

Step into the rain:

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