Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Darrell Issa Plans To Investigate His Own Taste In Art

Congressman Darrell (it's pronounced Darrell but it's spelled Darrell) Issa is really busy planning hundreds of damning hearings into the anti-American activities of the Obama cabal that are sure to break the creeping tide of Sharia socialism in shock and awe fashion. Either that or he's staring longingly at his framed GOPoker porn, wishing he was cool enough to get invited to a game of Hold 'Em with ol' Gipper, Tricky Dick and the Taxcutters.  I'd like to meet the jackass staffer who saw that stupid Andy Thomas watercolor hanging in an M Street shop in Georgetown and thought it'd make a great addition to Rep. Issa's spank-it material office wall. To be fair, the Thomas painting with Democratic presidents engaging in similar old boys club dillywally is equally stupid, for the sole reason that venerated BAMF Andrew Jackson apparently feels cavalier enough to let his Smith & Wesson hang from the back of his chair like a D&G bag at a bar. Should've gone with Dogs Playing Poker.

Photo AP via Politico.

UPDATE 01/18/2011: The New Yorker confirms Issa has displayed both of the aforementioned Thomas presidential watercolors in his office, apparently to remind himself to "trust no Administration." Aww Darrell Issa, you're almost as cute as your stick-figure avatar.

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