Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How Jon Huntsman Lost The Republican Nomination

No, it wasn't his own campaign misspelling his name. It wasn't the buzzkill overcast gray over New Jersey that formed a bummer of a backdrop during his extremely dry and boring speech. It wasn't his campaign's bizarre and inexplicable "goal" of running a "mellow" campaign. And it wasn't the fake address and phone number listed on his campaign website. No, the former governor of Utah lost the Republican nomination a mere day after declaring his candidacy by saying this about the President of the United States under whom he served as ambassador to China:

I think he's a very decent person, he's earnest, he's hardworking and he's doing his best. We come from different parties, we come from different worldviews, different philosophies.

Well Jon, it was a good run. Frankly and without a doubt, you would have my vote over any of the other clowns running for your party's nomination. But between the above and this, I think it's time to hang it up till 2016. It's a shame. Civility would have made a wonderful running mate.

Huntsman calls for substantial Afghan troop reduction

Step into the rain:

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