Monday, November 14, 2011

Hockey & Heroes

I, like so many of us, am a complete sucker for troops-returning-home-and-surprising-loved-ones-(and loved dogs)-videos. This one is especially wonderful as it incorporates the sport that most embodies the mental and physical toughness, perseverance, sacrifice, and work-ethic that our good ol' boys and girls show everyday in serving a far greater purpose than athletic competition. Watch Mrs. Jacobs' face at the big reveal and grab your tissue box. To Lt. Jacob and his family: thank you, truly. I'm glad the Bs delivered a big win in your honor.

A classy presentation by the Bruins organization. h/t Puck Daddy.

Step into the rain:

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  1. great, now i have to go buy another kleenex box. also it's unreal what a giant chara is. he is not a real person.