Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rats Exterminated

Oh what's that you say? Gleefully posting this picture of Florida Panthers management realizing their stupid Cinderella season was over will anger the hockey gods and rouse their righteous karmic ire upon my Devils in the second round? I say to hell with your gods! They've managed to fuck with everything in these playoffs--apparently out of sheer boredom--and I am not alone in my disdain for their shenanigans. Double OT in Game 7 against the worst teams to qualify for the playoffs? In a year when the team is losing money, our first ballot Hall of Fame face-of-the-franchise legend is playing coy with retirement, and our studly future-face-of-the-franchise captain is hearing the alluring siren call of younger, sexier teams that will satisfy his every need? Was sending me into cardiac arrest fun for you, you divinely sadistic fucks? I defy your anger! Just like Adam Henrique did when he whistled one through Jose Three-Or-More's gaping five-hole four minutes into the fifth period to keep our season alive. I'm sure you'll reward him with the Calder Trophy.

In other hockey news, Draper sings the Blues:


Via Puck Daddy

Step into the rain:

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