Monday, August 26, 2013

Dear Book Thief

No one in the [publishing industry] receives lottery-like bales of monetary compensation for their painstaking efforts to write, make, and distribute works that, were you to have read them closely enough, should have by now inculcated in you, through a genuine understanding of their ultimate content and the primary urge that drives their creation, a moral education which brings one to a closer understanding of our universal experiences, the binds of our common humanity.
In sum, we are not the 1%. If you are in it for yourself, perhaps you are on the wrong career path or cultivate the wrong entertainments. Books are the conduit of a symbiosis between reader and writer, and publishers and bookstores are the ecosystems that bring them together.

-excerpt from a letter posted 
in a Chelsea Market bookstore 
addressed to a serial thief 

  Step into the rain:

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