Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Life

And by finally figuring out how anticipated disinflationary monetary policy would affect economic output in the Neo-Keynesian model (and subsequently learning my answer was incorrect), I officially completed my junior year as an undergraduate.

Despite my failure to comprehend intermediate macroeconomic concepts, life's good. But I'm not content. Though my favorite sports team is out of the playoffs (See: Pain Index), I'm not sure how my grades will turn out this semester, the economy is still sputtering, stuff being said by people waving teabags and the corporate enterprise that doubles as an objective news channel who sponsors and echoes said teabaggers is leaving me exacerbated, frustrated, and stressed (though often amused), I'm in the worst physical shape of my life, and I just got screwed and passed over for a position I have coveted for three years, I have a full summer ahead of me and I'd be goddamned if I let it slip away or be deterred by run-on sentences!

Today begins a New Life. It's much like the Old Life. And it lacks any experiential, epiphanic enlightenment that should come with such a proclamation of a renewed sense of self that I one day hope to actually feel. But it's a shedding away of my winter skin and an embrace of warmth, sun, the outdoors, the city, and the self-capacity that all of the above enhance.

A Few Things I'd Like To Do (In No Particular Order):

1. Purchase New Guitar Strings
For both of my babies, the acoustic and electric. This is long overdue; the organisms growing on the strings themselves have already mastered the intro to "Voodoo Child."

2. Purchase A New Bicycle
It's time. I have mourned. I have remained abstinate. I have exorcised the ghosts of grief and despair. It's time for a new bike. And thanks to Uncle Sam's lookin' out for me, I'll be able to stimulate the shit out of a DC bike shop.

2(a). Whip my ass (literally) into shape.
I plan on doing the full Capital Crescent run from Georgetown to Silver Spring via Chevy Chase and Bethesda. Followed by Alexandria to National Cathedral and Arlington National Cemetary to Soldier's Home via Oak Hill. I also plan on making a special trip to God's Country, West Virginia where I will be hitting the trails. More to come on these trips.

I also gotta hit the gym.

3. Purchase New Clothes
On a super tight budget.  But I can make it work.  I love finding clothes that look exactly like the clothes at J. Crew and Banana that are actually from Target.  And rock 'em.  And that's what I plan on doing.  I've got to buy some new dress shirts for work, some more ties, new kicks, a new watch, and new cool hip graphic T-shirts. 

4. Read
Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama. Because I haven't yet. More Esquire. Because it is a brilliant magazine. And maybe some sci-fi courtesy of my well-stocked expert roommate.

5. Manage Networks
Includes archiving Gmail (a sense of satisfaction unmatched), deleting unnecessary contacts in my phonebook (you're dead to me Joe Biden's Senate Office), unfriending unnecessary human beings on Facebook, linking in with working professionals on LinkedIn, and dropping annoying tweeters on Twitter due to superfluous twats while expanding my own followers (search iEshawn!)

6. Drink at more bars
I turned 21 in February but the burdens of school work have prevented me from sampling some of the great bars DC has to offer. This may be a difficult goal to accomplish since my internship with AARP is UNPAID (cheapass old farts) thus expendable income will be low without putting down for drinks. Gotta make use of happy hours! And I've got to get to McFadden's and make my GW rite of passage.

7. Initiate Trilogy Weekends!
On various weekends throughout the summer, I'm going to host movie trilogy viewing parties! Star Wars, Ocean's, Indiana Jones, Godfather, Lord of the Rings, Bourne, Mission Impossible, Rush Hour, and more!

8. Make Music
I'm serious about it. I'm ready for people to hear what I work hard to write. Get in touch with me if you want to write, practice, and play original music. Let's do this.

New Life. It starts now.


  1. I like it, Rawlley. Kinda how I like you. Can't wait to partake in various parts of your list!

  2. Let's make music. Less jamming, more deliberate music!