Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bolsheviks 220, Americans 211

It was bad enough that we lost to the Canadians in the America Games in Canada last month, what with their emaciated, stunted bodies languishing under the life-suppressing rationing of socialized medicine. But now, after Obama signed this thing in blood, we'll be forced to join those dirty commies in the ranks of the third world. Sunday night's historic vote on the long-debated health care reform bill had all the drama of a DC insider wheel-and-deal poli-thriller starring Diane Lane as Nancy Pelosi, Lupe Fiasco in his motion picture debut as Jim Clyburn, Jude Law as Aaron Schock, Norm McDonald as Mike Pence, and Dennis Kucinich as himself. But in the end, this was no Hollywood triumph. Even after John Boehner did his best Colonel Kendrick and the tea people did their best "white people sitting in the front of the bus in 1955" (yes, EVERY TEA PARTIER is a racist. And a homophobe, too. Fact.),the wholesome all-American heroes were Louise Slaughtered and all of America was flooded by the Red River. Of communism. That is red.

Monday morning, as we roamed through the wreckage of freedom, lightning cracked and burned the dark skies over Capitol Hill while somewhere in a studio in New York, David Shuster gleefully ejaculated on Joe Scarborough's suit jacket on camera while screaming "Repeal this!"

 John Dingell and Nancy Tokyo Rose Pelosi share a dildo.

This historic game card will be safeguarded here.

Yes, I made this in Paint.

Step into the rain:

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