Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why I Love, Have Loved, and Always Will Love Joe Biden

How's that for a big mouth?  Joe Biden said exactly what the President feels but is too Vulcan to say.  And if the White House is smart, they'd get Biden a louder mic (for once).

And in related news, the three stooges issued a rebuttal to the same statement, so earnestly articulated by Joe "Sorry For The Shakedown" Barton, that Biden denounced above. Quick to point out that Republican members of Congress are in fact like, really in touch with real America, the GOP House leadership referred to the oil spill as a "natural disaster." A natural disaster. Just like a potential GOP-controlled House.

Hat tip @JakeTapper, ABC

Step into the--Seriously a natural fucking disaster that's what they called it--rain:

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