Friday, April 10, 2009

Royally Awkward

Moral of the story: greeting and being around the Saudi king in general is awkward and uncomfortable for most Westerners, especially alpha male Leaders of the Free World. There's protocol involved. Does anyone complain when visiting heads of state have to adhere to strict arcane traditions in front of HM the Queen of England? Oh I forgot, she doesn't wear a towel on her head.

Call it a bow, call it an enthusiastic handshake, but don't call it the END OF ENDS of American world hegemony (!!!!) because our President demonstrated (due or undue) respect for a dictatorial regional (for better or worse) ally with whom we have (for better or worse) important interests.

Unless this all proves Obama is a Muslim usurper who is conspiring with the Saudi king to transform this country into a Islamic-socialist dictatorship. Go grab your guns and Bibles before they're confiscated.

Honestly people. A little perspective here (or anywhere) helps. Has President Obama fostered an oil business partnership with the Royal House of Saud? Has President Obama ever welcomed a member of the Royal House of Saud to his ranch? More than once? What's that? He doesn't own a ranch? Irrelevant.

My oh my, what a short-term memories we have.


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  1. Definitely awkward. Dare I say squishy? You'll have to explain more about this post this evening.