Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Win Cups or Die Trying

And check this out, starting at 2:06 in. Don't be fooled though. When the interviewer asked him if he's a Devils fan, 50 said he only wore the hat because it "matched the outfit," and if he were to pick a team, it'd be the Rangers.

Fuck you.

This reminds me, I made a promise a while back to expose why Whoopi Golderg is egregious (see "The Benefits of Chalk") but I never followed up. I know how upset alllll of my readers must have been. Well I'm a man of my word, and when I call rain, I'm NEVER wrong.

Whoopi Goldberg said in an interview with NHL.com in April that being from the NY/NJ metro region somehow allows her to defy the will of the gods and be both a Rangers fan AND a Devils fan simultaneously. "I love the Devils and the Rangers,' said Whoopi, "Scott Gomez is one of my guys." Heinous.

Goldberg had honorably entered Devils lore after she narrated the Devils' 2003 championship DVD. But now she's dead to me.

Gomez. Fucking Judas.

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  1. Despite him wearing the hat just to be cool, at least it put the NJ Devils in the spotlight a bit. Also, Whoopi's comment...heinous. How can you love the rangers and devils?! We cheer "rangers SUCK!" at the games. Doesn't she know that?!