Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Quiet Redemption of Shepard Smith

He's been the face of a news [sic] network which I have reviled for years. I have always associated Shepard Smith with Fox News and vice versa. To me, Smith has been synonymous with the kind of biased, smug, cynical reporting (read: editorializing) veiled under the banner of "fair and balanced" from a conglomerate network which has turned truth-seeking into a fetishized rampage to expose their Mainstream Media (MSM) competitors as the ubiquitous and far reaching (yet paradoxically insignificant and irrelevant) lefty elitist drive-by noise machine it truly is.

But I may have been wrong about Mr. S. "Blow Job" Smith.

In light of yesterday's horrible shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Museum here in DC by a hate-filled, troubled, and confused man, Smith brought up with a guest the amount of hateful e-mails he has received full of "scary" and "out-there" opinions about the President, paranoid rants from delusional and sadly misinformed citizens with whom I have quite some experience (see: A Rush to the Head). Shepard offered a voice of reason and concern on a subject which his own network has dismissed and has gone so far as to attack the Department of Homeland Security for drafting a report on the recent rise of "right-wing extremism" in the country following the election, claiming it was aimed at snuffing out the rights of ordinary conservative Americans (watch Shepard deconstruct those criticisms). Here's what Smith had to say about the frightening contents of his e-mail inbox:

Even after offering a platform for J. Lo's neighbors' er, oral arguments and apologizing, Smithy boy just can't get his mind out of the gutter. He's a depraved pervert. I like it:

Watch Shep take Joe "I'm In Way Over My Head" Wurzelbacher, our friendly neighborhood plumber/esteemed foreign policy expert, for a swim in the deep-end, where you can only float with facts. At the very end of the segment, you can see Shep is just exacerbated with the constant barrage of bullshit he must steep through on a daily basis on the job:

Next watch Smithy mock (or "begrudge" as perpetual crusty underwear Chris Wallace puts it) Glenn "No Clever Moniker Needed Because I'm Just Straight Up Douchewash" Beck. Shep's biting sarcasm is hilarious, especially when he spoofs Beck's tendency to cry like a little bitch:

One thing I've come to notice about Sheppy is he takes shit from no one, NO ONE, as evidenced by this clip. 28 seconds in, priceless (try not to be too distracted by the hilarious pop-up captions):

Now watch him destroy comedidouche Nick DiPaulo, who was clearly comfortable in the misconception that while he was on so-called friendly turf he could spit around whatever half-baked conspiracy bullshit he could think of. Let this be a reminder to all comedians to STFU and just be funny:

And finally, the moment I truly came to admire Shepard Smith, flaws and all, right here:

"Oops..." Hahaha. Right on, Smith. Even though you've got a bit of a temper, you've earned my respect. Now that I think about it, your redemption may not be so quiet after all.

Step into the rain:

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