Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Remember this cute little doozy in the pages of your WaPo a few weeks back? Adorable. While we're recalling recent MASS UPRISINGS against tyranny, which somehow formed a huge, wide, gaping hole in the liberal media's coverage, remember that gay rights march on the Mall a few days back? You know, the one that brought out tens of thousands of people to protest the policies of our government and bring a voice to those being ignored or being told to shut up? I'm talking about the National Equality March that took place in our nation's capital this weekend. Given the media field day over the September 12 Tea Party protest, you'd be sure all the major news networks would have sent reporters and camera crews to cover the event. And you'd definitely be sure that the network most dedicated to covering the news of Real America, the network not in tune with the elitist snobbery of Washington highbrow circles but with the American people, the network most committed to providing a voice to these good and hardworking people who are struggling to be heard, the network which has prided itself since its inception of being entirely fair and perfectly balanced in its coverage, you'd be sure this network would expend all of its resources to cover this important event framed within a seminal time in contemporary American history.

Today's forecast is a torrential hail of hypocrisy, my friends.  Read the very bottom of that add up above.  Let them defend this:

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