Monday, October 12, 2009

"Anywhere You Wanna Put It, Max."

A while back, during its nascent days, Second Rain launched a soon-to-be-defunct running series entitled "Attractive Anchors & Cutie Correspondents," a monthly piece designed to bring you to, the rain-soaked reader, the names, backgrounds, and loads of pictures of various hottie journalists and TV personalities whom we all love to love. While the series fell out of favor with studio executives with difficult budgeting decisions to make, it appears the one story SR was able to run was on to something:

How fortuitous that the first two questions had a flushed, breathless hostess say the words "stroke," "wet," "hole," "finger," and "doggie." God bless the Navy. And bless you, Meredith.

Step into the rain:


  1. That was like watching a friend's mom flirt awkwardly with someone at a party. Please tell me that last image is a "cougar."

  2. ohhh myyyy god! words cannot express how awkward/squishy this made me feel.