Sunday, January 25, 2009

Attractive Anchors & Cutie Correspondents, I

It has not escaped by attention that every successful (we)blog has at least one running series. As chief meterologist at Second Rain I wish only its continued growth and success as one of America's most widely read (we)blog. In that spirit, I unveil to you today the first installment of one of several running series here at Second Rain.

Today's Forecast: Attractive Anchors & Cutie Correspondents, Part I

That's right, starting today, I will be ever so often profiling one particularly hot anchor, news reporter, foreign correspondant, senior political analyst, data interpreter, talk/game/cooking show host, etc. for your pleasure! This series will focus on both national and local journalists who make you want to, er, get up a little bit earlier in the morning.

So who has the honor of kick-starting what is soon sure to become a staple on The Today Show?

Well how 'bout that Today Show?

Spotlight: Meredith Vieira

Look, I know the woman is 55 years old. But tell me the last time you saw a 55 year old woman who looked like THAT? Witness that radiant smile and the twinkle in those beautiful eyes and listen to her bubbly laugh, and then tell me she doesn't remind you of the adorable blonde cocktease that sat next to you in algebra. The woman is a babyboomer bombshell. As a local reporter in Rhode Island, Meredith cut her teeth at WJAR-TV Providence after graduating magna cum laude from Tufts University with a B.A. in English (I'd like to magna cu--sorry).

After bouncing around and eventually landing at WCBS-TV in New York City as an investigative reporter (she can investigate my pan--sorrysorry), she got a gig hosting a start up show called "The View" in 1997 on which she would begin every taping by turning to the camera, flashing that million dollar smile and saying "Hello! And welcome to The View!" (and what a view it was).

Speaking of a million dollars, Meredith stepped in for Regis on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" in 2002 and won a Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Game Show Host. She's a winner, baby. And today she's won a spot on this month's premiere edition of AA&CC.

Et la pièce de résistance:

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  1. She is a BABE. (Period). Love her personality/face combo. Her and Deborah Norville are my two favorite 50+ Babes.