Sunday, January 11, 2009

We Can Beat Anybody

The Eagles have been here before.

Andy Reid & Co. have been to the NFC Championship Game five times in the past ten seasons. Their team left to die in a heaping green mess just a few weeks ago, they have skippered their ship through storms, tempests, and even a tie. The team blown out by Baltimore in Week 12 with its franchise quarterback benched resembles nothing close to the team that just unraveled the defending champions this afternoon. I think many, even myself and my fellow faithful, are beginning to understand how truly strong this team is.

The Eagles still have a long way to go to find their elusive championship. They must earn a big win on the road against a hot yet underestimated team with something to prove in a game that has not been kind to them in the recent past. Then they must defeat either the Pittsburgh Steelers or Baltimore Ravens, two stalwart teams who possess defenses with a penchant for grinding their opponents into dust. But I truly believe that the Philadelphia Eagles that entered and exited the field of Giants Stadium today can defeat anyone, anywhere. We are witnessing a team inspired.

The mighty Giants have fallen. Who's next?

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