Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Subtle Misdirection

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Sean Hannity Uses Glenn Beck's Protest Footage

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Let us imagine a propagandist MSM elite, wholly indoctrinated by Obama and complicit in his quest to end America, nefariously replaced, during the sacred American hour of the evening news, a photograph taken at the annual Karl Marx-Benedict Arnold dinner at the Columbus Plumbers & Pipefitters Union Hall, attended by one computer programmer, four unshowered hipsters, and Dennis Kucinich, with this.

Oh! The righteousness of purpose that would compel our hero citizen-journalists at Fox News to ignite the fire of indignation lit by the undying burn of Liberty's torch, fueled with the blood of patriots rising from their shops, their streets, their homes, their towns, marching without fear or reservation from the oceans, the heartland, the desert, the Dixie, and the Lakes, to stand before the usurped throne of Freedom in the center of this fair city to exclaim with all vigor and might ordained by divine Providence, "SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!"

I'm beginning to realize, in light of teabagging, Anita Dunn, teabagging Anita Dunn, and rampant reactionary dissent in the age of Obama, Fox News may not be pro-Republican or even pro-conservative after all.  Nay, Fox News is simply pro-Fox News.  And if that's true, I guess there's nothing to fault them for.

This particular fleeting bluff was caught not by the hard-nosed journalist writing truth to power or the so-called media watchdogs asleep at the door but by a satirist.  Of course, this artificial augmentation of numbers, while at its best is perhaps innocuous in its subtlety, is merely a slightly disingenuous means to achieve a greater, grander end: a tiny white lie orchestrated by a deft magician concealing the wires of the machinery, pushing a ploy designed to trick the loyal viewing public for its own good.  It's like hiding a heartworm pill inside a dog's beef and biscuit.  Unfortunately, and to the frustration of pet owners everywhere, the damn mutt always spits out that jagged little pill.  Gosh, what's it take to incite a little mob revolution these days?  If only for the good of ourselves.

Step into the rain:

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