Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Walking to Union Station from work today while dodging a steady barrage of soft fluffywhite snow bullets, I did a double take on the south side of the Russell Senate office building:

Astute RD's are already shaking their heads saying "no way!"  Yes, it was in fact the Browntown Cruiser, the Teabaggin' Wagon, the Big Green Change You Can Believe In Machine, newly sworn-in Senator Scott Brown's famed PICKUP TRUCK!

I recognized it instantly.  The stickers and the number 28 Massachusetts plates matched.  Years from now, when this beautiful four wheel drive GMC Canyon is parked for all eternity a few blocks away at the American History Museum, canonized as a bonafide piece of Americana, I can say I almost touched it but for fear of Capitol Police. Amazing. An American hero rode this baby to victory (in so many ways. I mean, God knows how much sex he's had in the back of this thing).




UPDATE: Wonkette hat tips SR!

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  1. WAHOO FOR THAT HAT TIP!!! So proud of you :) I hadn't realized that Scott Brown was that good lookin'

  2. He drives a GMC Christy Canyon? How porny.