Thursday, February 18, 2010


President Ford cutting taxes with a phone call

President Bush leading a prayer group after waterboarding a jihadi 

President Obama fucking the corpse of Betsy Ross in the bum while snapping the head of a bald eagle and tearing out its still beating heart.

BFD. God knows how much Arkansas Billy DNA is splashed over that thing.

All this demonstrates (yet again) is the unappeasable minority that exists in this country, led by people like Beck, cannot help but despise everything this president does simply because he does it.  Tax cuts for 95% of Americans? Psh, socialist tax cuts. He supports a deficit reduction panel co-sponsored by seven Republicans? Nevermind, better vote nay, lest they appear to agree with him. Deficit spending? Tongues that were held still while the last guy made it a crippling hobby are now flying while this guy tries to jump start an economy left in free fall.  Trying detained alleged terrorists in criminal courts?  Reckless, dangerous "lawyering up" of evildoers entirely inconsistent with the successful prosecution of combatants under the previous administration which...tried alleged terrorists in criminal court.  And remember when he BOWED to that Nazi Saudi?!? Well at least he didn't host him at his ranch while holding his hand.  The unappeasable opposition believes that nearly everything this president has done with regards to the economy, the budget, homeland security, and any other aspect of managing the country has been wholly unprecedented.  Across the board, you will find traces of the narrative conservatives have created that this president, already suspected of being not truly American, is transforming this country into something not truly American (See: Mitt Romney's CPAC speech this afternoon. Scratch that. See CPAC in general). But in fact, the unprecedented nature of the circumstances this country, and their "movement," find themselves are what these people are really reacting to, not the actual policies of the president. And that is precisely what people like Glenn Beck are. Reactionary hacks.  Honestly Glenn, you didn't think any other president put his goddamn feet up? Nixon? Roosevelt? Polk? Really, you're smarter than this. Right?

Hat tip Media Matters.

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