Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rick Perry Swears He's Not Desperate Or Anything

I have watched this 30 second spot over and over again and each time I marvel at how effortlessly Perry manages to harmonize pitch perfect tones of aw shucks Christianness and unadulterated contempt for the gay. Just watch him say the word "gays" with the accompanying hand gesture. It's like he's discarding an old towel that's all moldy and damp with gay. Another home-run from a campaign that's made some legitimately fantastic ads this primary season.

Hell, I'd start passing out pipin' hot Christmas season Jesus Juice too if my numbers looked like this. Luckily for the gays and the rest of America, I don't think we'll be seeing the likes of Presnin' Perry anytime soon. But speaking of those poll numbers, remember this guy? Yeah, called it.

UPDATE: Second City FTW

UPDATER TO THE UPDATE: I promise you will laugh at this.

Via The Clearly Dope.

Step into the rain:

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