Monday, July 26, 2010

Andy Rooney Is A Socialist Who Watches Porn At Night

Shame on ALL OF YOU, what with you wanting everything and stopping at nothing to get it while poor, brave Andy Rooney denies the simple pleasures of a woman!  Watch as he recounts his harrowing story of being forced by demonic tree-elves to stuff his old saggy face with LSD-laced chocolate chip cookies while the camera man he usually employs to tell him where he is caught the entire episode on tape! If only we had PILLS to desire that will tell our brains not to desire! Well someone should tell this kind talking pile of wood he need not fear, as Obama's "health care reform" is already funding the development of such magic medicine that will soon be disseminated into the water supply in order to sap the desires and unhealthy bourgeois motivations of all and finally create a Maoist utopia! Andy Rooney dreams. And watches "stuff" on the late night teevee that he's not "interested in." Sort of like America vis a vis Andy Rooney.

Hat tip: Warming Glow

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Step into the rain:

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  1. Well that was the most random minute and 48 seconds of 60 minutes I've ever seen. He does know the TV has an off button if there's something he does not "desire" to watch, right?