Friday, July 16, 2010

Team Carte

More original artwork because I'm inspired, this time by the newest, mintiest, deliciousiest member of Congress. World, meet Senator Carte Goodwin, D-Hottnesss:

Carte Goodwin, Senator D-Hottness

Mmmmm me wants me a piece of that in the cloak room. He can filibuster my pork barrel, that devil. Major props to Governor Joe Manchin of West Virginia for replacing such a stud like Byrd with a worthy sex toy with an appropriately unique and endearing newsanchor name. Seriously the last thing I needed was another distracting senator-on-senator (s-o-s) flame fantasy in which two sparkling new beautifully bronzed supermen of the people team up to write awesome bills and save the country in a pickup truck while suppressing the gaylove coursing through their elixir blood for me that eventually leads them to battle fiercely in a forest, each vying to drink my nectar and rebirth me as their own kind. Do I go with the shirtless wolfman Massacutie or the dreamy, perfect, mysterious, bloodlusting immortal mountaineer? Ughhh why must I choooose????

Step into the rain:

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  1. I like your wit here. And politics aside, that is a gooooood lookin' man!