Tuesday, January 25, 2011

AA-CC IV: Brooke Bombshell Baldwin

For the past couple months CNN has offered its afternoon viewers a truly wonderful treat in the form of the radiant and lovely anchor Brooke Baldwin, my latest choice for the AA-CC award. And since "moving in a different direction" from their most famous Latino Jew-basher, CNN has given even more blissful airtime to this goddess of the midday mundane and topical "hard news" toe-dipping. Brooke's star is still on the rise, but that doesn't excuse the Internets from the shameful dearth of search images that do this TV treasure justice. With the fashion sense of a savvy 20-something, the sharpness and intellect of a straightforward newswoman, a charm and playfulness that makes Ali Veshi's head blush, and an arsenal of sexy power dos for that gorgeous auburn hair, Brooke is easily the hottest AA-CC award recipient yet. My colleagues know my affinity for Brooke well, and last night I elatedly delivered them the the thrilling news that-GASP-she had tweeted at me!

A twistory of a courtship (with intermittent interruptions from Piers Cockblock Morgan):

Why is CNN having a Christmas party in late January? Irrelevant. The point is I contacted Brooke on private message and pleaded with her to decline Piers' advances, reminding her that you can't ever trust the British. She said she'd told Piers he was a gentleman but she was waiting for her true love. Can't you tell? Look at how she winked at me. I booked the first flight to Atlanta I could find. Wedding invites are in the mail! I hope she dances like this at the reception.


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