Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Second Rain To Our Cheeks

The earth and we spin at discrete velocities,
And true degrees.
But there are times we move in harmony,
If only for a second’s reprieve.
I felt it when we biked along the river,
After an August rain,
We raced ahead and chased the airplanes.
The sun glowed in an evening nova,
Glistening the drops of water on the leaves,
Suspended in a breeze,
Sending second rain to our cheeks,
Raining waterfall reveries.
Raining waterfall reveries.

On Sunday night I had the distinct itch that I remembered well from the summer of 2008 when I took my first hit of The West Wing and never looked back. So, availing myself of the wonders of YouTube, I began clip searching. Not only was my ardent belief that this television show is and always will be superior to all others in writing and acting reinforced, but my binge led me to rediscover a scene that had a more profound impact on me than others (there are innumerable West Wing moments like this, truly):

West Wing fans know this episode from Season 2 well, entitled "Somebody Going to Emergency, Somebody Going to Jail," which is a line from The Eagles song "New York Minute" that rather cheesily opens the episode and plays it out (it's also, appropriately, the "Big Block of Cheese" Day in the Bartlet White House episode). I remember Sam saying to Donna "it's just there are certain things you're sure of, like longitude and latitude" after hearing some upsetting news about his father and how it lit something inside my head. Sometime that summer I wrote down the following line: "There are some things you’re just sure of like the coordinates of a heart. And movement’s just the mind chasing after for fear of being apart." From that came the song Second Rain, an incomplete, pensive track about movement, distance, wandering, and the wisdom they bring. Watching that clip reminded me of this song that I've not played for some time, and it also reminded me of the inspiration for this blog (sorry, "web log."). I hope I can complete this song soon along with the others I have worked on but have never fully committed to putting into motion. I also hope on the second anniversary of this blog I will be able to write more. 2009 witnessed an explosion of posts as I sought to maximize the potential of this newfangled medium of communication. 2010 saw the LSAT, my job, and commuting hamper my ability to write here, and I can't promise 2011 will bring more rain. But I shall try! Thanks to the few of you who read along every now and then; I relish your audience like a singer performing center stage, or what the rest of us call a sidewalk.

"What the head makes cloudy the heart makes very clear." -"New York Minute," The Eagles

Step into the rain:

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