Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Born Identity*

Gosh, how tired I grow of this. I swore to myself I'd finally leave this Birther bullshit alone after my last post on the subject. But since that time, the curmudgeony old bastard/Oompaloompa stunt double who is Lou Dobbs has raised the stakes in what once was a pointless, trivial debate that produced only absurdity and entertainment and hasn't warranted strong-armed resistance; he has embraced the Birther movement. He has done so reluctantly enough, as a true reluctant warrior must when he defends his country from The Outside, saying that at first he didn't believe any of the "fringe" nonsense that will have us all believe that our President, who is a natural born citizen of the United States, is in fact a Kenyan. Or was it an Indonesian. Whatever. He ain't from here. But now, after some intensely focused, hard-nosed journalistic research, Lou's got a new tune.

Nevermind the fact that documentation is readily available proving the President's natural citizenship. And nevermind the fact that, as Jon Stewart points out below, while Kitty "Rawr" Pilgrim filled in for Dobbs on his own show and provided, as a journalist should, ample evidence to support the truth about the President's birth, Dobbs was undeterred in his pursuit of witches a few nights later. This educated, (seemingly) intelligent man has now taken a fringe movement into the mainstream. And he has left damage in it's wake.

Well, you might ask, if this is really all nonsense, why won't the White House blanket the country with copies of BO's birth documents? They run that post office shit, why don't they deliver a copy to everyone in America? You see, no matter how much evidence is provided to the contrary, conspiracy theorists have the luxury of calling "bullshit" by either claiming a document was forged, a video was confiscated, a picture was photoshopped, or a statement was altered. It's such a convenient card to have, like a police card that gets you out of a speeding ticket and hence allows you to drive however you'd damned please. The White House needn't bother even trying to reason with these people. Giving in to their demands will only elevate the kind of radical fringe elements that so dangerously creep out of the woodwork whenever change is overwhelmingly favored and delivered against their stubborn will.

We can choose to fight back fiery lies with equal fire (see the barely tolerable Chris Matthews grilling of Rep. John Campbell; no one disagrees with ensuring those who seek the presidency meet the requirements to do so, but the bill this schmuck, who had to be goaded into assenting to Obama's American citizenship, is proposing only offers credence to those who will deny the current president's qualifications. Shall we pass implementation laws to ensure members of Congress meet their constitutional requirements to hold office?) or let the rain of truth (and the second) extinguish them. Meanwhile, this fantasy will continue to be to too many a way to justify their hatred and disdain, to justify their ignorance and turn it into wisdom. It's their way of holding on to the belief that things aren't bad because of themselves or any other reason but an illegal alien in the Oval. But on the other hand, as Jon demonstrates, those with ulterior motives can apparently move with greater ease than we ever imagined.

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*-Hat tip to Jon & Co. Sad I didn't think of it.

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  1. Congrats on the 100th post! Lou Dobbs is an oompaloompa...have you seen the amount of orange makeup they put on his face?! But come on, we all really know that Obama was a pirate off the coast of Africa. And pirates do not have birth certificates. I read it on a blog somewhere, so it must be true.