Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Corrections & Apologies

Wh...wha? Who--oh hey raindancers. Yaaawwwwn ahhhh just woke up from a great sleep. Really oughta figure out that reoccuring Sarah Palin-Michele Bachmann lesbian alpine squirrel-hunting fantasy.

Oh speaking of Ms. Bachmann! Raindancers, this will be a first, and God willing the last time I say this: I owe Rep. Bachmann an apology.

I know, I know. The woman represents nearly everything I believe is wrong with the human race. But in my last post (which was a parody, for those of you with no Sarcas-O-Meters, you know who you are) and on Twitter, I falsely asserted that the gentlelady from Minnesota had attempted, and succeeded, to block a bill introduced by Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-HI) that would hail Hawai'i as the great 50th American state annnnnd say BarackObamawasbornheretoo. Many pounced on Bachmann for her apparent wink at the Birthers, a movement that has been the target of my ire most recently. But as Alex Koppelman of Salon.com points out, this was not the case:
"[Bachmann] did indeed block a vote on the resolution, noting the absence of a quorum, but that move wasn't about Abercrombie's resolution specifically. She was just playing her part. The House had already decided to postpone the votes on all of the resolutions being considered under a suspension of the rules until Monday evening. Bachmann noted the absence of a quorum for several other non-controversial pieces of legislation so that those votes, too, could be postponed until the scheduled time. After the postponement, on Monday evening the resolution passed -- unanimously. Bachmann was one of the 'yea' votes."
All's fair. Second Rain apologizes to Michele Bachmann for implying that she had stopped the resolution from being voted on to object to the birthplace provision. My B.

But worry not all you fire-breathing knee-jerk elitist liberals! It's only a matter of time before the Congressbitch blames global warming on microwave ovens and clubs a baby polar bear on C-SPAN. And when she does, you'll know where the rain falls. Wink.

Now where's my dream book...

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  1. Your wit and humor always keeps me amused at work, love. That and podcasts.