Monday, July 27, 2009

Liberal Idiot Elitist Scumbags (LIES)


<|>UPDATE 34-467<|>

Today the DIMocrat-controlled Government tried to make a law that would say Barack Hussein Obama aka BARRY SOETORO was born in America.

That's right! The socialist dems are at it again, this time with the backing of the liberal elite MSM, trying to spread LIES. Congressman Neil Abercrombie, a demoncrat from Hawaii, wrote a bill that bascially said Hawaii is a great state. Now I dont mean to trample on Hawaii, its a great American state. The family wants to go there sometime but we dont have passports. But HIDDEN INSIDE the bill was a sentence that celebrates the birth of B. Hussein Obama in Honululu on American soil!!!! This is a LIE and we know it!!!! The democraps were all set to have their way and LIGITIMIZE an ILLIGITIMATE marxist president.

But thank God for Michelle Bachmann!!! She stepped in at the last minute and blocked any attempt to shove this bill down the American peoples throats!!!!!

Do NOT believe the MSM and the LIES they and the Demo-Socialist Government wants us all to beleive. There is an illegal, undocumented ALIEN in the white house who is hellbent on destroying this great country and everything it stands for and we will not be shut up until he goes back to KENYA where he came from!!!! We need to stay vigilant and stay the course and not back down like Michelle and all the other Republican heroes who refuse to do as there told by this facist administraton!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LET'S TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@#


Step into the rain:

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  1. I think I might actually pay money to see Michelle Bachmann attempt to define Socialism, Marxism, and/or Fascism. I think I'd probably pay even more to see her attempt to describe in which ways and to what extent the three ideologies differ.

    Dear Republicans, although all three terms do indeed end in "ism," and may, to you, sound ooooo-sscary-foreignnn, they aren't actually representative of the same ideology.

    In conclusion, someone needs to send congress a dictionary, and the "Birthers" need to get over their asinine, baseless assertion that Barrack Obama is not a U.S. citizen.