Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Shame on ABC News' Terry "Twitter > My Journalistic Integrity" Moran for twatting this OTR comment to the Tworld. Review the code, good sir.

Furthermore, shame on the President for even daring to have the same normal, casual conversation millions of Americans engaged in by their office coffee machines. He should only be talking about lowering my taxes and KILLING TERRORISTS GOSH.

In a related story, the advocacy group Justice for Jackasses struck a disappointed tone in its chastising letter to the President issued yesterday.

Hat tip TMZ (ick) via Politico.

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  1. Never talk near a hot mic. But the POTUS was right, Kanye was being a jackass. Wonder if Moran will still have a job...

  2. Haha Moran's a big shot (which makes his lack of good judgment the more egregious) so he'll be fine.

  3. Haha your writing never ceases to get a chuckle out of me