Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Happening

America, it's already happening.

Even before the President's mindrays are unleashed upon our innocent youth tomorrow afternoon, the ungodly damage they will inevitably cause has already manifested itself in the most chilling, horrifying manner.

Second Rain recently reported on an eleven year-old elementary student from Florida named Damon Weaver who had the opportunity to interview President Obama in the White House. But what this young child thought was a chance of a lifetime has proven to be, as evidenced by the video about to be shown to you, a coerced rebooting of his all too vulnerable brain. As we can see from the clinical video below, young Damon has experienced the complete cessation of his higher thought functions and has seemingly involuntarily subjugated his will to an outside Control; little Damon Weaver, once so full of vigor and life, has succumbed to class 1A Hopeandchangeitis. He is now and forever more an Obama-zombie (Obambie).

See for yourself how Evil has twisted this youth's mind, re-molded its malleable gray matter, and converted it into a servant of its new presidential master:

Notice how the Obambie first viciously attacks a former American president and then recycles the same word offered by Secretary of Re-education Arne Duncan to describe the Resistance.

Looking into Damon's hollowed, lifeless eyes, devoid of any color and light, I realize how futile, how "silly" our struggle has been. The mindplague is already upon us. May God help us all.

Step into the rain:

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